Adoption Blacklist is a member powered, worldwide database of people and organizations that possibly need to be reviewed a little closer before completing the pet adoption process. Whenever possible, supporting documentation can also be found on these listings.

Adoption Blacklist is available to any person or organization that deals with animal adoptions of any kind, including:

  • Dog Adoptions
  • Cat Adoptions
  • Horse Adoptions
  • Farm Animal Adoptions


Adoption Blacklist makes every effort to keep listings truthful and accurate. If for any reason you feel a listing is in our database by mistake or is inaccurate, please contact us so we can check the listing.

To view the database you must have an account. Please sign up and we will contact you. After you sign up it’s best to get any documentation together that proves you are involved with some kind of adoption efforts. Government licenses and/or non-profit filings are always best.

Adoption donates a portion of our profits to pet adoption organizations that have joined our efforts. These donations are made directly to the organization, and are chosen at random.